Around the town of Spetses there are scattered beautiful, blue beaches, which permits to the locals and visitors to enjoy their swim, close to the main port.

Most of the beaches are organised, with sun umbrellas and sun decks and are located near taverns and cafe.

Starting from the SE area of the island, we will meet the sandybeach of Agia Marina, 2 klm. from the Dapia port. Agia Marina is a well organised and popular beach with tavernas and beach bar in an evergreen environment.

Continuing our route through "Dapia", we come across thebeach of Agios Nikolaos a small beach with sand and thin pebble, with crystal waters and quiet environment.

Continuing on we meet the sandy organised beach of Agios Mamas, with sun umbrellas, sun chairs and lots of people. Also the beach is in front of bars, restaurants and cafes, servicing many customers.

After "Dapia", west from the port, we meet the beach of Kounoupitsa, a small, marvelous beach from pebbles and sand with blue waters, which is also ideal for walking amongst the small fishing boat and for eating in various tavernas and shopping, all these along the beach's length.

Emmediately after the "Anagreirios" beach , is located and its length is 800 meters.

It is one of the most organised beaches in Spetses, with sun chairs, sun umbrellas, sea sports and restaurants.

Part of this beach is called "Kaiki Beach", with sun umbrellas and chairs, beach service, towels, beach volley, two beach bars and a restaurant.

Outside the town of Spetses, you will meet organised beaches in beautiful natural coves with blue-green waters.

There you can enjoy, along with your swim, the water sports and other activities.

From the NE side of the island and going towards the SW, leaving from the beaches inside Spetses, we meet first the beach Kouzounos, across the ever green Spetsopoula isl. This beach is one of the most quiet and natural beaches on Spetses, with clean waters, colourful pebbles and ideal for swimming. 
To the beach you are going with regular public bus, its starting point at the St.Mamas sqr., from May till the end of September.

Next, we meet the Ksilokeriza beach, a seclusive, organized beach with sand and pebbles, to the south side of the island. It is an ideal choice fort hose who want to swim in a lush natural surrounding and relax on the beautiful sandy beach.
On the beach you go with the same bus, whose starting point, from the town of Spetses, is located in the square of St. Mamas, from May until the end of September. Also with boats that organize day trips.

Southwest of Spetses town, about 10 km from the center, is thebeach Agion Anargiron, an organized, busy beach with sand and pebbles, with deep water, suitable for water sports.
The beach is located in a beautiful, green bay and has facilities for water sports and other activities, and there are several restaurants and cafes.
Near the beach of St. Anargiron lies the sea cave "Bekiris" in which Spetsiots militants hid their women and children to protect them from the Turks. Access to the cave is being done by a tree-lined path, which starts from the beach Agion Anargiron.
To the beach you are going with regular public bus, its starting point at the St.Mamas sqr., from May till the end of September. Also with boats that organize day trips .

Continuing our tour, we meet the piney Agia Paraskevi beach, 12 km from the center, an organized, crowded beach in a small bay on the west side of Spetses, with pine trees reach the sea. This is one of the most beautiful sandy-pebbly beaches, offering inside a rich natural environment with crystal clear waters, comforts and water sports facilities. 
On the beach of Agia Paraskevi you can go with boats that organize day trips.

The last beach we meet, completing our ride on the NW side of Spetses is the Zogeria, a sandy beach with clear blue waters inside a pine tree area, in which there are some traditional taverns.
The beach Zogeria is one of the best beaches. The wonderful landscape with pine trees reaching the sea, crystal clear waters and tranquil environment, create a lovely image for your holiday.
In beach Zogeria you can go with boats that organize day trips.

Around the island there are many small coves and beaches, which you can visit by a boat, or with motorbikes, with sea taxi or a car taxi, or also by walking there.

Ligoneri, Vrellos, the first beach of Zogeria, as we are coming from the Schools, Bithistamna, are the most famous deserted beaches on the island.

At the perimeter of the island there are small or large caves with its own history to the Liberation War against the Turks, which were utilised as a refuge and store.

Accessing the caves is being done only with boats and it is best to consult an expert or a human guide.